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Development Bank  JEDDAH, Oct. 20, 2009 (News Agencies) .

The Saudi Project for Utilization of Haj Meat (SPUHM) is the only authorized body responsible for offering sacrificial animals during Haj on the behalf of the pilgrim, said Muhammad Ali, President of Islamic Development Bank (IDB), the Saudi Gazette reported.
Ali called on Haj representatives from different countries to educate their pilgrims to refer to this authority when making their animal sacrifice for this coming Haj.

Ali was addressing the annual meeting of the SPUHM held at the IDB headquarters here Saturday. The project which is managed by the IDB will distribute the meat to poor Muslims around the world.

“We want to work together to help the pilgrims perform Haj properly,” Ali said, adding that “there is no other better way to perform this animal sacrifice ritual but through this project because we have hundreds of veterinarians and Shariah experts who can ensure the fulfillment of the religious and health requirements of the slaughtered animals,” he said.


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