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Saudi Arabia flag  RIYADH, Oct. 21, 2009 (News Agencies) .

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) made the call for the implementation of stricter food safety and quality practices in the global juice manufacturing industry during the World Juice 2009 Conference, which ran recently at the Le Meridien in Nice, France, according to a press release published on AMEINFO.

The move to improve safety regulations in juice preparation seeks to address a recent study made by Eurofins, the world's leading food and feed testing group, stating that the current economic downturn has pressured some juice manufacturers to cut costs and source cheaper raw materials, affecting product quality and increasing the risk of having harmful contaminants in juice products.

Speaking on the need for more benchmark standards in food safety and quality practices, Monther Al Harthi, CEO, Al Rabie Saudi Foods Co. Ltd., said, "Consumers today have become more health conscious and are very careful about the food and drink products they consume. The increased demand for more health and wellness products, juices in particular, has created the opportunity for more companies to establish themselves in the juice manufacturing sector. To help complement this growth, the need for stronger and stricter safety and quality guidelines must be adopted to ensure that customers always get products of very high quality."

Al Harthi, who is also the Chairman of the Arab Beverage Association (ABA) and a member of the board of directors of the Saudi Food and Drug Administration (SFDA), represented Saudi Arabia during the conference and was one of the key speakers during the four-day event.


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