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 NEW DELHI, Oct.22, 2009 (News Agencies) .

The municipal authorities here shut down the halal section of the 200 year old Idgah slaughterhouse. They want the butchers to move to a new abattoir located in Ghazipur. But some butchers have refused to move. They claim that the new slaughterhouse is too far and travel related costs eat into what little profits they make.
"We have closed down the halal section of the Idgah abattoir from today," an MCD spokesperson said yesterday.

The section will be shifted to Ghazipur tomorrow while the buffalo section will be moved on October 29.

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has constructed a new slaughterhouse at Ghazipur. Under a Supreme Court order, it will have to close down the existing abattoir at Idgah and shift all operations to Ghazipur.


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