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Uganda Bureau of Standards sets record straight on halal standards  KAMPALA, April 18, 2011 (News Agencies)-- . The Uganda Bureau of National Standards (UBNS) has set the record straight regarding its work with with Uganda Halal Bureau (UHB) to implement Halal standards in food production, handling, consumption and trade. According reports UBNS has received complaints saying that this relationship between the two organizations is 'discriminatory' and 'unconstitutional.' Mr. Moses Sebunya, PR officer of UBNS, in a statement released to the media clarified that the allegations are unfounded. "UNBS is mandated to develop standards and assist those requiring specific standards that address their unique requirements. Halal standards are a requirement for Muslims just as kosher dietary guidelines are to the Hebrew. Ugandan society is an aggregation of various communal/social interests each with its unique values, norms and practices that need to be respected as long as these are exercised within the law," he wrote. "Uganda is a secular state and UNBS has developed a number of national standards and certified many products which are available for those not interested in Halal goods. Halal standards are voluntary whose compliance is restricted to those who choose to produce and consume Halal foods and not every consumer is compelled to go Halal. Though, however, Halal standards also guide the Islamic practice in slaughter of animals, there are other generic national standards covering transportation, slaughter and sale of meat and these do not grant exclusive rights for engagement in such activities to only Muslims. The field is open for all actors irrespective of faith and beliefs. "It is a right for those who only entertain Halal foods are to have their choice realised and codified through Halal standardisation which explains UNBS’ partnership with UHB in this initiative," he added.  

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