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Asda extends halal range   .

British supermarket chain Asda has extended its range of halal frozen meats to give Muslim shoppers a wider choice of products that are produced to strict religious standards.
Asda sources its halal produce from Tahira Foods – Europe’s leading halal specialist. The halal frozen range will now include: chicken burgers, whole chickens, lamb burgers, frankfurters, nuggets, kofta kebabs, doner kebabs and meat balls - depending on the individual store.

Vicki Cooper, Asda’s ethnic frozen food buyer, said: “Asda is delighted to be extending its frozen world food ranges. We are committed to offering all our customers a great choice of products at the best possible prices.”

Tahira Foods’ account manager Faiza Akmal said: ”Today, more and more Muslims want to buy halal products when they do their one-stop shopping. Offering a comprehensive selection of frozen meats is an important step towards meeting this need.

“Because they already recognise and trust both the Asda and Tahira names, they can now do this with complete confidence.”

LONDON, March 4, 2008 (News Agencies)


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