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Food containing pork sold at Muslim shop in Brunei   .

In a shocking case which is bound to rock the tiny sultanate of Brunei, over 80 cans of food containing pork were found on sale at a shop owned by and frequented by Muslim counsumers. The Brunei Online reported that the Religious Affaits Department's Halal Food Control Section officers made the discovery during a routine check.

The products from nine different brands were confiscated by the officials. The products containing pork included meat loaf, liver spread and sausages. 

According to Bruneian law all non-Halal food should be displayed in a separate area and have clear labels indicating that they are only for non-Muslims. The Halal Food Control Section reminds entrepreneurs to inspect all items obtained from their suppliers, while members of the public are urged to be extra cautious when buying canned food.

BRUNEI DARUSSALAAM, March 5, 2008 (News Agencies)
(Photo Courtesy: Za'im Zaini)


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