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Halal food industry thriving in UK   .

The Halal food industry is thriving in UK with Leeds and West Yorkshire leading the trend. 
The large Muslim population in Bradford has spawned several chain stores which have now gone national. According to the Financial Times, Mumtaz, which has been transformed from a small Bradford take-away in 1980 and into an award-winning restaurant that catered for the Queen last year, has the greatest potential to develop into a sizeable food business.
While most of its competitors have stuck to the traditional Asian restaurant business, it has diversified into ethnic food manufacturing. Mumtaz Food Industries, which supplies its own branded goods to all the big supermarket chains, is now much the biggest part of the family business, and has recently signed a contract with the National Health Service to supply Halal baby food to hospitals across the UK.

Gul-Nawaz Khan Akbar, managing director of Mumtaz Food Industries, one of two brothers running the Mumtaz family business, cites Sir Ken Morrison, the outgoing chairman of Morrison’s, as his biggest inspiration.

LONDON,UK, March 12, 2008 (News Agencies)


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