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Azerbaijan issues list of banned sausage products  BAKU, June 11, 2009 (News Agencies) .

Azerbaijan's official agency for standardization has issued a list of banned sausage products in the country. The list includes several products with 'Halal' in their name. There have been several complaints of contaminated and unsafe sausage products in the country. There were even reports of products labeled 'Halal' containing pork.
The list of banned products is as follows: Ilahe-96 – sausages Halal Prima, Halal Bon Appetite, Tallinskaya, Slavyanskaya, frankfurters Halal, lard and chicken legs; private producer H.Guliyev – “Moskovskiy Servelat”, boiled turkey, boiled frankfurters “Halal”; firm Orxan-SS – frankfurters and small sausages “Kristal Kopchenaya”, “Halal”, boiled sausage “Halal”, “Halal Prima Doktorskaya”, “Kristal”, sausage “Kopchenaya”, “Moskovskiy Servelat”; Azerdad – frankfurters and small sausages “Halal, boiled turkey, boiled sausage “Halal Lubitelskaya” and “Halal Diyeticheskaya”; Koral-F Ltd – sausages “Halal Lubitelskaya”, “Ukrainskaya”, “Halal Dieticheskaya”, “Kurinaya”, “Delikatesnaya”, “Prima”, frankfurters “Halal”; firm Ali-Akberoglu – frankfurters “Doktorskiye”, sausages “Servelat Prima”, “Moskovskiy Servelat”, “Servelat Delikatesniy”, “Prima Halal”, “Prima”, ”Versakaya and ”Govyazhya”.


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